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Sustainability and Environmental Issues

Kingspan Industrial Insulation has a long-term commitment to sustainability and responsibility: as a manufacturer and supplier of insulation products; as an employer; as a substantial landholder; and as a key member of its neighbouring communities. The company aims to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters are considered in an integrated way in the operation of its business.

Kingspan Industrial Insulation is conscious of the nature of the raw materials it uses and the need to optimise energy and raw material usage and prevent or minimise pollution and environmental damage. To evaluate the environmental impact of products, BRE Global carries out full life cycle assessments using its 2008 Environmental Profiles Methodology. This data is then used within the Green Guide rating system to classify a products performance in a number of key areas and to award a summary rating from A+ (best) to E (worst).  Kingspan’s Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation has achieved a best possible BRE Green Guide 2008 Summary Rating of A+ and can contribute towards the award of several BREEAM credits.

The Mat 04 section of BREEAM 2011 offers two credits for insulation products. As part of the calculation for the first credit, Embodied Impact, points are awarded for each insulation product based on its Green Guide rating, with A+ rated products being awarded 3 points compared with just 1 for those with a B rating.

The second credit for Responsible Sourcing is available if 80% by volume of the insulation products used in the roofs, walls, floors and services of a building are responsibly sourced. Kingspan Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation (key process) and phenolic resin production (supply chain process) are both covered by Environmental Management Systems certified in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001:2004. The EMS are available on request and are required as part of this credit.

In addition, Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation can also indirectly contribute to the award of credits through ‘Ene 01-Reduction of CO2 emissions’. All Green Guide summary ratings are published in BRE’s Green Guide Online, which can be accessed free by visiting: www.thegreenguide.org.uk.

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