Rest of the World

The rest of Europe (excluding Turkey, Malta, Cyprus and Russia)

Kingspan Insulation N.V.

Visbeekstraat 24
B- 2300 Turnhout, Belgium
Tel: +32 14 44 25 25

Australasia, Oceania and SE Asia as far west and north as, and including Myanmar, China, Mongolia and Japan

Kingspan Insulation Pty Ltd

266 Beringarra Ave, Malaga, WA 6090, Australia
Tel: 1300 247 235 (for calls within Australia only)
Tel:+61 8 6240 6200 (for calls outside of Australia)

Everywhere else excluding Canada, USA, Mexico, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico & St Pierre and Miquelon

Kingspan Insulation LLC

P.O. Box 113826, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel: +971 4 889 1000