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The Tarecpur range of CFC/HCFC-free rigid polyurethane (PUR) insulation is suitable for many types of use including:

  • Insulated panels and composites
  • Temperature and hygiene controlled environments
  • Bodywork and refrigerated vehicles

Blue Doors_CropTarecpur is a CFC/HCFC-free rigid polyurethane (PUR) insulation which has been developed to provide optimum performance with regards to insulation efficiency, compressive strength, environment, health, safety and cost.

Tarecpur insulation is suitable for many types of use including:

  • insulated panels and composites;
  • temperature and hygiene controlled environments; and
  • bodywork and refrigerated vehicles

Tarecpur has been developed to provide optimum performance with regards to insulation efficiency, compressive strength, environment, health, safety and cost.

ApplicationsPIC 6

Tarecpur is an extremely versatile material, and is lightweight, easy to transport, handle and install. Although Tarecpur was primarily designed for use in the thermal insulation industry, it is used in a variety of applications.

Industries include:

  • oil refinery and chemical process plant;
  • liquified gas and cryogenic process plant;
  • refrigeration pipework and equipment;
  • refrigerated road, rail and marine transport;
  • refrigerated retail display cabinets;
  • low temperature storage building panels;
  • cold store panels;
  • architectural construction panels;
  • site assembled composite panels;
  • glass reinforced plastics;
  • computerised tool machining prototypes;
  • ship building and flotation equipment;
  • theatre, film and leisure park scenery; and
  • encapsulation, structural and decorative furniture components.


Tarecpur is available in the following forms as standard:

  • pipe sections and bends;
  • insulated pipe support inserts;
  • radiused and bevelled segments;
  • standard slab: 2500 mm x 1000 mm / 98.4 in x 39.3 in & 2500 mm x 1250 mm / 98.4 in x 49.2 in;
  • standard and non standard pipe sizes; and
  • single layer, multi layer or rebated joints.


Tarecpur has a high closed cell content and consists of a densely cross linked matrix which does not readily break down in service.

Temperature Range

Tarecpur may be used for pipework and equipment operating within the temperature range –180ºC to +100ºC / –292ºF to +212ºF. For higher operating temperatures up to +200°C / +392°F the use of products from the Tarecpir range of rigid polyisocyanurate insulation should be considered.

Thermal Performance

Tarecpur is one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials available. It retains its thermal performance under the most severe operating conditions by virtue of its closed cell structure and high resistance to moisture absorption. Tarecpur has a thermal conductivity value of 0.024 W/m·K / 0.166 Btu·in/hr·ft2·ºF. A low thermal conductivity allows specified thermal performance standards to be achieved with a minimal thickness of insulation. This is particularly significant where space saving is important. A thinner insulant can facilitate installation in confined spaces. Furthermore, it can often result in a lower surface area and therefore savings in finishing materials.

Moisture ResistancewaterDrop

Tarecpur has a 95% (or greater) closed cell content, which makes it non–wicking and highly resistant to moisture penetration. This is particularly valuable in humid conditions where the build up of moisture can compromise the performance of lesser insulation materials. When used in conjunction with a vapour tight facing, Tarecpur provides a system which is totally moisture resistant.

Chemical Resistance and Compatibility

Tarecpur has an excellent resistance to a wide range of oils, solvents and chemicals. Its compatibility with most solvent based coatings and adhesives, and polyester and epoxy resin based coatings, and GRP resin systems, allows it to maintain its physical integrity when in contact with such substances. Tarecpur is particularly suited for applications where it comes into contact with liquid polyesters.


Tarecpur is resistant to fungus and mould growth, will not sustain vermin and is non–fibrous, odourless and non–tainting. This is particularly significant in food processing / storage environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Fire Performance

Tarecpur is a thermoset material and unlike thermoplastic materials, it does not melt or produce flaming droplets when exposed to fire. It is rarely used without some form of additional facing. The type of application and facing material used should be considered in assessments of fire performance. For applications where fire performance is a particular issue, the use of products from the Tarecpir range of rigid polyisocyanurate insulation or the Kooltherm FM range of rigid phenolic insulation should be considered.

Mechanical PerformanceWeights on Tarecpur

Tarecpur is a lightweight insulation material with a high strength to density ratio, good dimensional stability and excellent mechanical characteristics. Due to the combination of its excellent thermal performance and remarkable mechanical strength, Tarecpur is an exceptional insulation material for general thermal insulation applications or the insulation of refrigerated vehicles. In particular, when utilised to insulate refrigerated vehicles, Tarecpur maintains its physical integrity when subjected to repeated shocks and vibrations over the life of the vehicle.

Quality Assurance

Tarecpur is manufactured to the highest quality standards under a quality control system approved to EN ISO 9001: 2000.